Frequently asked questions - About Havaianas

Where does the Havaianas name come from?

Havaianas means “Hawaiians” in Portuguese, inspired by the namesake holiday destination which perfectly embodies the endless summer lifestyle and is so similar to the Brazilian life-style... Open the full FAQ

Where did the inspiration to create the first Havaianas style come from?

The design of Havaianas was inspired by the Japanese sandal model, known as Zori, consisting of thin rice straw sole and fabric straps... Open the full FAQ

Is Havaianas a Brazilian brand?

Yes, Havaianas is a Brazilian brand, founded by Alpargatas in 1962... Open the full FAQ

When were Havaianas first created?

Havaianas came to life on 14th of June 1962 – the first brand to introduce "flip-flops" in Brazil. A patent for its industrial model was registered for the brand in... Open the full FAQ

How many employees does Alpargatas have?

Alpargatas has 20,000 employees globally... Open the full FAQ

How many pairs of Havaianas are sold annually?

Each year, more than 220 million pairs of Havaianas are sold. That equates to 602,740 pairs a day, 25,114 pairs an hour, 418 pairs a minute and 7 pairs every second! Open the full FAQ

How many Havaianas styles are there?

Havaianas release collections annually with hundreds of styles! In the latest collection, over 130 styles were offered in Australia alone. We also offer limited edition styles every season, including... Open the full FAQ

How often is a new range launched?

Havaianas releases a new summer collection every September/November. New styles and colours are also launched throughout the year... Open the full FAQ

Where are Havaianas produced?

Havaianas are produced in Brazil. One Havaianas factory is located in Campina Grande, the second most populous city in the state of Paraiba, with approximately 385,000 inhabitants, and a second factory... Open the full FAQ

In which countries are Havaianas available?

Havaianas are sold in more than 100 countries around the world...
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I want to stay up to date with brand news and new product releases

Do you want to keep up to date with Havaianas brand news and new product releases? Easy! All you need to do is sign up to receive Havaianas Australia emails. Enter your email details at... Open the full FAQ

I would like to know about Havaianas History. How can I find out more?

Here’s a little bit of history for you! Havaianas were created in Brazil in 1962 and were originally inspired by the Japanese Zori sandal. Havaianas are still made of quality Brazilian rubber, the texture of Havaianas rubber soles are like... Open the full FAQ