Frequently asked questions - Sizing

What is my Havi’s size?

Havaianas sizing is Brazilian, which is different to European sizes... Open the full FAQ

How do I find the Brazilian size on my Havi’s?

Havaianas are available all over the world, and as a result can often be found with multiple sizes listed on the sole... Open the full FAQ

Why do Havaianas thongs have double sizing (i.e. two sizes listed)?

Havaianas are made from our magic Brazilian rubber formula and manufacturing process. As a result, our moulds are designed on a double sizing system and factor in a slight sizing variation from pair to pair making the product super comfortable and unique. Open the full FAQ

How do I find the right size for kids and babies?

Please find below a recommended size for each age... Open the full FAQ

How do I measure my Havi’s?

Measure diagonally from the centre of heel to the big toe. We recommend measuring the underside of the sole so your straps don't get in the way... Open the full FAQ